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TidyingThe truth always comes to light: As you can read in my 10-facts post at fact 10, I am a “very tidy person”. Fact 10 was, however, the only lie in this post, as most of you have guessed correctly.

I’m a little messy, so what? The genius dominates the chaos! As true as this sentence is, as unfortunately is the fact that you have to think about other people too. People who are going to visit you. In addition, people usually feel better when things are arranged somehow, you can find everything immediately and you can have guests anytime.

So your apartment is not tidy, but spontaneous visit is around the corner? Then check this guide for quick tidying. I make it short so you have enough time:

The Magic of Tidying

1. Music! – start your favorite playlist for motivation. Absolutely recommendable, everything goes twice as fast. As loud as possible.

2. Garbage. There are old tickets, unimportant bills, advertisements, tea bags, a pen, which hasn’t been working for a long time. Put a garbage bag in your hand and throw away stuff. Of course, properly separated.

3. Cloths. Throw everything together into a large bag that you can arrange later. If there is enough time, throw the dirty cloths into the laundry basket and the reusable pieces in the wardrobe.

4. Dirty dishes are collected and put into the kitchen. Immediately into the dishwasher! If you do not have one, put everything into the sink and soak the dishes first with water and then soap. You can wash it later, but don’t risk your guest seeing that mess!

5. Put stuff into order. It does not have to be in it’s right place, a little order causes a lot! Put any objects simply into a symmetrical or geometrical system. That works wonders!

6. Vacuum. A vacuum cleaner is a blessing- away with all those crumbs, dust, dirt and so on. I have no one here at the moment, so I have to sweep, like people in the Middle Age. For a second, I sink into thoughts of an old farmer’s wife, sweeping her room. But don’t get distracted!

You can do it!

7. Cleaning? This guide assumes that your room is messy, yet halfway clean. If it is still really dirty, abandon all hope right now in this step.

8. Garbage out! Empty trash cans appear clean, pleasant, and you will have removed a potential odour source you didn’t even notice. But your guests most certainly would have.

9. Air your room. You should really air. All the raised dust goes out of the window and you will notice the difference; Fresh oxygen works miracles!

10. Disguise and delude. Your guests arrive? Throw a blanket over everything that still looks untidy right now. But don’t sit on it. Also- you can still put stuff under your bed.

By following these steps you can tidy up your apartment super-fast! I know you just lack a little bit of structure sometimes. Apart from that you’re always a clean guy, a decent girl. And now excuse me, I expect a guest and have to apply exactly these rules as soon as possible, to not be mistaken for a messy asshole!