Propagate your Monstera | quick & easy steps

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Propagate your Monstera | quick & easy steps

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Since my monstera has now grown over 3m/10 feet tall, it was time to shorten it and propagate it.

It’s easier than you think – here’s how to do it:


1. Cut a branch as long as you want from your monstera, just below an aerial root and at least one leaf.

The branch can contain 1-2, but also 5 or more leaves. You can then divide this branch further.

2. You’ll want to divide the branch by cutting pieces just above and below 1 leaf and 1 aerial root. Like this:

So the important thing is that you keep at least one leaf and one aerial root per piece. This may look strange, but the monstera doesn’t need more to grow new leaves and roots. You can cut them even shorter than I did, but I wanted to play it safe and not do anything wrong.

All you need: at least 1 leaf and an aerial root..

3. Let the cuts dry out a bit. I just left them for 10 minutes. Also, cut dry edges from the stem, they may rot in water.

From a long branch you can cut out several leaves with aerial roots for propagation.

4. To propagate, simply place the branches in a glass jar with fresh water. (Of course, any other container will work, but through glass you can see the progress of growth.

My Monstera cuttings are right on my desk and look beautiful too.

Like the adult Monstera, strong direct sun is also not quite ideal for the cuttings. However, my experience is that in our latitudes (Central Europe) a few hours of direct sun, about 1-2m from a window, does not harm the plant even in summer.

5. After 2-3 months the cuttings have already grown enough roots to plant them in soil. They will continue to produce new leaves even in the water.